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The JeDesignsGraphx Team





Since 2006, Jennifer Je’ (pronounced simply J) Wilford has been a freelance graphic designer.  Her clientele has included a diverse array of celebrities, entertainers, recording artists, as well as corporate and professional organizations.  Je’ enjoys the challenges behind the creativity and the design process, along with meeting new clients.


Jennifer started JeDesignsGraphx in 2007, working solely on Faith.  She used a simple formula in which she gives her success credit to on this very day, and that is: "Before I begin any project, I say a prayer asking God to bless my hands to create a project that my client will be completely satisfied with".


Je' as she is affectionately known, enjoys working with brand new start up companies. It allows her to work from start to finish with the business owner, artist or author - from its early stages until the business or product is up and running.


Giana Nixon
Assistant Graphic Designer
Giana loves the challenge of branding businesses from the ground up! She finds joy in knowing she had a hand in bringing a client's vision and complete brand identity into fruition for all of the world to trust and recognize.

Currently, Giana is busy expanding her brand and building clientele for 22Empressions. She has also partnered with JDG as an affiliate designer to create the perfect combination of business professional and urban graphics.


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