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"I was always taught as a child to believe in yourself and through God all things are possible...So I speak into existence that I will work side by side with Tyler Perry...networking and creating dreams....."... (It's a blend of pictures created to make one....the wonders of technology) PS.. if you know him...tell him to contact me...I'm waiting on him.. ;)...



My Mentor....the one who encourages me to never give up..I love this guy... Customized movie poster.

JeDesignsGraphx is one of the hottest graphic designers to enter the entertainment industry. We have been blessed to help thousands of customers and we are eager to serve you. With over 7 years of gifted experience in the design industry, we offer customized and unique designs created especially for your company or event based on your specific needs.


Since 2006, our client list has grown to serve some of the top names in the music and film industry, as well as the literary industry; such as Hurchel Williams MBA, author of Anatomy of a Cheater, ATL's finest Celebrity Booker,as well as previous designer for Rickey Smiley.


We would like to say thank you for taking time out to visit our site and we are looking forward to servicing you! Because of you, we are 7 years strong!


Whether you are looking for custom logos, bookcovers, fliers or CD covers, JeDesignsGraphx will provide you with all you need!

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